Kristen Knepp

Postdoctoral Psychology Resident
Cranberry Psychological Center

Dr. Knepp is an expert consultant for ACUE’s module

Knepp serves as a postdoctoral psychology resident working toward her Psychologist license at Cranberry Psychological Center in Seven Fields, Pennsylvania. Her clinical interests are within the field of health psychology and weight management.

While a doctoral student at Virginia Tech, Knepp served as a graduate teaching assistant and course instructor for various courses in the Psychology department, including Introductory Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Psychology of Learning. She has also taught Personality Theory and Abnormal Psychology. To supplement her coursework in psychology, she completed the Preparing the Future Professoriate graduate certificate offered by the Graduate School.

Knepp holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. During her time at Virginia Tech, Kristen developed an interest in college teaching, contemporary pedagogy, and classroom incivility.