Phyllis Blumberg

Assistant Provost, Faculty Development
University of the Sciences

Teaching and Learning Center

Dr. Blumberg is an expert consultant for ACUE’s module

Blumberg teaches courses in Social Sciences and Education at the University of the Sciences for all years from first year through graduate level. She works with instructors in the Sciences as a faculty developer, a position she has held for over thirty years. Her work in this regard has brought her to five universities in United States and Canada to work with faculty on a one on one basis to help them change their teaching to improve the outcomes of their students.

Blumberg currently serves as Assistant Provost for Faculty and Leadership Development and the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center. She is the author of more than sixty articles on active learning, learner-centered teaching, problem-based learning, and program evaluation. Her books include a guide book on how to implement learner-centered teaching, Developing Learner-Centered Teaching: A Practical Guide for Faculty (2009, Jossey-Bass) and a book which describes a new way to self-assess and improve teaching, Assessing and Improving Your Teaching: Strategies and Rubrics for Faculty Growth and Student Learning (2014, Jossey-Bass). Both of these books contain many sets of rubrics. Blumberg is a frequent presenter at Professional and Organizational Development, The Teaching Professor, Lilly-East and other higher education conferences. She has given workshops at numerous colleges and universities across around the world.

Blumberg earned her BA from Washington College and her MA from the University of Pittsburgh. She holds a PhD in Educational and Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, Learning Research and Development Center.