Guided Pathways Implementation

guided pathways student

It’s hard to overstate the influence of faculty on students’ career interests, choice of program, depth of learning, and determination to complete their studies. This course in Guided Pathways, developed in collaboration with Sova, emphasizes teaching practices that ensure student learning and persistence to completion — pillars three and four of the guided pathways model. Faculty will gain a rich understanding of their role in guided pathways and also learn about and implement the approaches necessary for excellence in college instruction.

The course addresses all of the core competencies in ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework as well as career guidance and readiness competencies aligned with accepted standards in Guided Pathways. Faculty earn a Certificate in Effective College Instruction with a Concentration in Guided Pathways Implementation.

Sova and ACUE are in the midst of a research and design process with experts in guided pathways and with faculty and administrators from leading pathways institutions. The new certificate will be available fall 2020.


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