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One Shining Moment: Resilient Faculty

The work of faculty and students—teaching and learning together—is the very essence of higher education. With dorms now vacant, stadiums and courts silent, libraries and parking lots empty, teaching and learning continues. In the coming weeks, we’re honored to share stories of your colleagues nationwide, the #ResilientFaculty who are making an impact on higher education, and most notably students, that will far outlast this current crisis. We kick off this series with our own version of “One Shining Moment,” the annual video

Inclusive Teaching for Student Success

In January 2020, faculty from Waubonsee Community College participated on a panel to discuss their experiences learning together in ACUE’s course in Effective Teaching Practices. The faculty were among a cohort of 30, 15 adjunct and 15 full-time, who began the course in 2019 to better their teaching practice. You can see a video of the panel on the Waubonsee website.  Waubonsee panelists included Dani Fischer, associate professor of biology; Amy Chaaban, assistant professor of information systems; and Jason Chatman, instructor of sociology. Waubonsee facilitators

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