Effective Online Teaching Practices

Students are learning online in greater numbers than ever before, and faculty need more than the technical basics—they must be fully prepared to use pedagogical approaches that make the most of an online experience.

This 25-module course in effective online teaching practices concentrates on teaching practices effective for online instruction. Based on the same evidence-based pedagogy as ACUE’s course in effective teaching practices, Effective Online Teaching Practices was designed in collaboration with online teaching and learning experts to empower faculty to be impactful online instructors and ensure student success today and in the future.

Comprehensive in scope, the course’s content and facilitation focuses on proven online teaching approaches across all of the core competencies in ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework. Faculty earn a Certificate in Effective College Instruction.

Effective Online Teaching Practices supports all design and delivery models, including synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid formats, and is relevant for all faculty roles. This course can also be delivered through flexible microcredentials courses

Offering this course is an ideal way to complement and expand the impact of institutional teaching centers and instructional technologists as they support effective online instruction that leads to more powerful student outcomes.

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