Basics of Generative AI Interactive Video

This interactive resource was taken from ACUE’s AI Quick Study courses, and walks through the language and history of AI.

In this video, you will select your path through the relevant video topics to personalize your learning journey. Additionally, you will hear from experts in education as they review the terminology that will help you navigate using and teaching with AI.

ACUE continues to explore the ways in which AI can enhance learning. We are committed to showcasing learning experiences that provide insight into how you might incorporate AI into your own work. In ACUE’s AI Quick Study series, the mentor bot was generated using AI. The overall concept, script, and editing were completed by ACUE’s content team.

Teaching with AI Video
Teaching with AI Resources

Trace the evolution of AI as we know it today with this visual timeline. View each era by clicking the images below or download the entire timeline in a printable, PDF format. 

Tool for teaching with AI history timeline
Teaching with AI: History of AI Infographic, 1970s through the 1990s
Teaching with AI: History of AI Infographic, 2000s

Reference the AI terms you need to know.

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