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ACUE Certification Brings Effective Practice to Life…

…Because Learning by Doing Works

Your skills as a faculty member matter more now than ever. Yet, while all faculty members are proven subject-matter experts, few have had structured opportunities to develop and refine their teaching practice. ACUE certification offers that opportunity.

We take pride in the research-based theory behind our certifications, yet we also know that learning by doing works best.


Select and work on the teaching skills that matter most to you with a start date that works best for you.


The beauty of ACUE certification rests in its ability to get educators moving. Each course prompts you to try what you’ve learned with your students, ensuring an active learning experience throughout.


You’ll communicate with other faculty members in the ACUE community and have access to the course long after you’ve become certified.


Instead of just reading about effective practice, you’ll see what it looks like in action as you learn from the teaching activities of others.

Grow and Reflect

You’ll activate prior knowledge as you learn. You’ll also be urged to reflect on what worked and didn’t work with your students. Your final “Note to Future Self” provides an opportunity to add reminders for content you would like to revisit or you want to be sure to remember, meaning the growth doesn’t end at certification.

ACUE Open Enrollment Courses Are:

  • Delivered fully online
  • Offered throughout the year
  • Short courses that build to an ACUE Certificate in Effective College Instruction*
  • Endorsed by the American Council on Education
  • Delivered through a facilitated faculty learning community
  • Designed for all types of faculty
  • Suited for an online, hybrid, or classroom learning environment

*Fostering a Culture of Belonging does not apply toward earning the Certificate in Effective College Instruction

Commit to Your Professional Growth

In a matter of weeks, you can learn the practices needed to elevate your teaching practice and start seeing measurable gains in your course. Whether you teach online, hybrid, or in person at a community college or a four-year university, ACUE certification can help you reach new heights with your students and in your own professional life.  

Open Enrollment Opportunities

ACUE’s open enrollment courses are designed for all types of college, university, and higher education faculty — tenured faculty, professors, adjunct instructors, and even teaching graduate students. Through our online faculty professional development courses, each microcredential allows faculty to gain foundational knowledge, implement evidence-based practices, reflect on implementation and, refine practice based on feedback.

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Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment

Learn how to close college and university equity gaps and ensure equitable access to learning, embrace diversity in your classroom, provide useful feedback, and more.

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Promoting Active Learning

Gain proven practices in using active learning, planning and facilitating discussions, and more. This course will provide you with practices to actively engage your students in learning and thinking critically.

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Inspiring Inquiry and Preparing Lifelong Learners

Hone your ability to motivate your students, provide clear expectations, develop self-directed learners, and improve higher education student outcomes. This course addresses practices from motivating students to using visualization tools that deepen learning and help students take greater ownership for their learning.

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Designing Learner-Centered and Equitable Courses

Learn evidence-based practices for designing more equitable and learner-centered course outcomes with aligned assessments, assignments, and learning experiences that prepare students for success. In addition, you’ll learn to use grading practices and syllabi design in support of equity.

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New for 2023: Fostering a Culture of Belonging

A truly inclusive and equitable campus environment is possible when everyone on campus is working together with a common language, to mitigate the impact of implicit bias, microaggressions, imposter phenomenon, and stereotype threat.

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Elmira Mangum

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Elmira Mangum, 11th President, Florida A&M University 

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