Why Stop with Subject Matter Expertise?

Master the art and science of teaching with ACUE courses

Your skills as a faculty member matter more now than ever.

Yet, while all faculty members are proven subject-matter experts, few have had structured opportunities to develop and refine their teaching practice. 

ACUE’s Certification in the Effective Teaching Practice Framework, alongside additional courses and quick study series, offer that opportunity — and faculty love it

In a matter of weeks, you can learn and implement the practices needed to elevate your teaching and start seeing measurable gains with your students.

Whether you teach online, hybrid, or in person at a community college or four-year university, Certification in the Framework can help you reach new heights with your students and in your own professional life. Courses are: 

  • Delivered fully online
  • Offered throughout the year
  • Lead to becoming Certified in the Effective Teaching Practice Framework*
  • Endorsed by the American Council on Education
  • Delivered through a facilitated faculty learning community
  • Designed for all types of faculty
  • Practices are suited for implementation in an online, hybrid, or classroom learning environment

*Fostering a Culture of Belonging does not apply toward earning the Certification in the Effective Teaching Practice Framework.


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Certificates and Course Offerings

Get Certified.

ACUE offers the only higher education teaching certifications endorsed by ACE.  Faculty who are certified in ACUE’s Effective Teaching Practice Framework improve retention, grades, DFW rates, and reduce equity gaps.  Instructors who are certified in ACUE’s Framework also report improved self-efficacy, confidence, and growth mindset. Not only do they report these changes in themselves, but best of all, they see these self-efficacy, confidence, and growth mindset changes in their students.

Get on the Pathway.

ACUE offers unparalleled opportunities for individual faculty members to refine their teaching practice. Our courses, grounded in evidence-based teaching practices, are proven to enhance student engagement and success and increase faculty confidence. ACUE offers the only higher education teaching courses and certifications endorsed by ACE.

Learn Effective Teaching Practices.

Quick Study courses are interactive learning experiences developed in collaboration with subject matter experts that include well-defined learning objectives with aligned activities, videos showcasing best practices, and downloadable implementation guides.