ACUE Effective Teaching Practices

The ACUE Effective Practice Framework is a leading statement of the core competencies that every college and university educator needs today to deliver great teaching. Endorsed by the American Council on Education, it continues to serve as our “North Star” at ACUE, as we support educators to deliver more effective and impactful teaching.

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From Course Design to Assessment, the Framework Is Our North Star

What’s in the Framework?

Learn how to ensure learner-centered course outcomes, build an inclusive syllabus, and more.

  • 1a: Ensuring Learner-Centered Course Outcomes
  • 1b: Designing Aligned Assessments and Assignments
  • 1c: Aligning Learning Experiences with Course Outcomes
  • 1d: Preparing an Inclusive Syllabus

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The learning environment you build impacts persistence, learning, and chances for student success. Learn how to lead a productive first day, promote a civil learning environment, motivate your students, and much more.

  • 2a: Leading the First Day of Class
  • 2b: Promoting a Civil Learning Environment
  • 2d: Motivating Your Students
  • 2e: Ensuring Equitable Access to Learning
  • 2f: Helping Students Persist in Their Studies
  • 2g: Embracing Diversity in Your Learning Environment

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From group  learning activities, to planning effective discussions – you’ll unlock evidence-based strategies that promote active learning, giving all students the chance to be fully involved in their own education.

  • 3a: Using Groups to Ensure Active Learning
  • 3b: Using the Active Learning Cycle
  • 3c: Developing Effective Class Sessions and Lectures
  • 3d: Planning Effective Discussion
  • 3e: Facilitating Engaging Discussions

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Advanced questioning, powerful note-taking skills, and beyond…Learn the strategies that can deepen learning and enhance every teaching moment.

  • 4a: Providing Clear Directions and Explanations
  • 4b: Using Concept Maps and Other Visualization Tools
  • 4c: Teaching Powerful Note-Taking Skills
  • 4d: Using Advanced Questioning
  • 4e: Developing Self-Directed Learners

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Learn the methods of formative and summative assessment that best promote learning and help you refine your teaching. From equitable grading practices to providing useful feedback – and more.

  • 5a: Developing Equitable Grading Practices
  • 5b: Creating Equity with Checklists and Rubrics
  • 5c: Providing Useful Feedback
  • 5d: Checking for Student Understanding
  • 5e: Using Student Achievement and Feedback to Improve Your Teaching

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When Faculty Succeed, Students Succeed

Show faculty you value their professional growth while creating the conditions for student success with ACUE’s courses. Together, we’re ensuring every student can receive the education they deserve.