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Resources to Ease Into Online Learning

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The shift to teaching in an online environment can feel overwhelming, but that need not be the case.

These free and downloadable resources can help make that transition more manageable, and can even offer fresh ideas to seasoned online educators.

We invite you to download our toolkit for tips you can put into immediate practices with your class(es). You can also explore videos in the Video Resources section.

Online Teaching Toolkit Videos

Using these resources, you can create a welcome message, monitor Q&A forums, and much more.

Maintaining a social, teaching, and cognitive presence in an online course allows you to form connections with your students, and effective share your expertise in the content area.

From ensuring your online course is clear and intuitive, to establishing a predictable rhythm – utilize these resources to help you and your students navigate your online course with ease.

Assign a self-reflection activity, aligned to your discussion forum rubrics, to help students evaluate their participation in an online discussion.

Resources that explain how to build short (6 minutes or less), instructor-produced videos that are informative, engaging and memorable.

How can you keep students engaged and focused online, while supporting their learning and helping them prioritize information? The following resources explain the process.

Special Thanks to Our Contributing Faculty Members

Who Contributed Their Time and Talents to the Online Teaching Toolkit

Flower Darby

Director of Teaching for Student Success, University of Missouri, and author, with James M. Lang, of Small Teaching Online

Kevin Kelly

Coauthor of Advancing Online Teaching: Creating Equity-Based Digital Learning Environments

Michael Wesch

Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University