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Courses in effective teaching practices to dramatically improve student outcomes through great teaching.  


CIC and ACUE Partner to Enhance Instructors' Career-Advising Skills


Jeffery Galle: Empowering Students Through Inquiry-Guided Learning


Broward College Students Report Stronger Instruction Among ACUE-Credentialed Faculty


Faculty Collaborate to Re-envision MU’s Curriculum


ACUE at AASCU’s 2018 Summer Meeting


Efficacy through scale

ACUE’s comprehensive Course in Effective Teaching Practices prepares college instructors to use the research-based techniques shown to help students succeed. The Course’s innovative online design helps colleges and universities put great teaching at the heart of their student success plans.

The Course addresses the essential pedagogical skills and knowledge in five units of study:

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Distinguishes instructors who strengthen their practice

Endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE), ACUE’s Certificate in Effective College Instruction recognizes instructors who satisfy Course requirements. Instructors earn credentials by demonstrating knowledge of effective instruction and putting research-based techniques into practice.


Connects members and promotes the scholarship of teaching and learning

A Community of Professional Practice where educators continue their learning and collaborate with peers.

Check out the ACUE Community’s new monthly interview series, featuring exclusive video from the Course in Effective Teaching Practices.


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ACUE and ACE: A landmark collaboration

ACUE’s Course and Certificate are endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE). This landmark collaboration was formed to dramatically improve student outcomes through great teaching nationwide.

ACUE and CIC: Completion With a Purpose Through High-Quality Instruction

Learn about our work supporting the CIC Consortium for Instructional Excellence and Career Guidance.


ACUE partnerships are designed as signature initiatives to dramatically increase student outcomes, provide unprecedented support to faculty, and generate measurable educational and financial returns.


The Course features the nation’s leading experts in college instruction

Course content is developed in close consultation with subject matter experts. Course modules showcase exclusive interviews with leading experts.

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Stronger teaching, stronger student outcomes

Nearly 2,000 educators at colleges and universities nationwide agree that the Course in Effective Teaching Practices improves their instruction. Faculty who have gone through the Course learn—and apply—the evidence-based approaches that help students succeed.

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