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The ACUE Learning Lab provides full year access to every ACUE Quick Study course, including our hugely popular AI Series, to help faculty stay current, confident, and at the forefront of the latest teaching trends. Each self-paced online course takes just 1-3 hours to complete with implementation guides to help put learning into practice.

Quick Study Course Offerings

Quick Study Courses

Writing Effective AI Prompts

Create AI prompts using reflective questioning to refine outputs and efficiently craft engaging course announcements.

Utilize AI to create instructional materials and generate resources to support student learning.

Develop skills in designing and creating assignments that effectively leverage AI, including assignments that are AI resistant.

Learn how to develop students’ understanding and responsible use of AI by setting clear expectations and teaching them to use it to support their learning.

Newly Added

Empower your students to engage in constructive conversations that foster learning and personal growth.

Sharpen your students' critical thinking and analytical abilities to enable effective problem solving and rational decision making.

Equip your students with the skills to navigate today's media-saturated world and become informed consumers of information.

More Coming in 2024!

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Ensure every faculty on your campus is ahead of hot topics in higher ed and remain confident and prepared in the classroom.

I appreciate how the course used mini pathways, allowing learners to select the prompt options and scenarios that are likely their immediate concern, from assignment revision to communication using Gen AI tools. The examples were practical and dived into the academic teaching mindset.

Matthew Bruce Ingram

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies & Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Dakota State University

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