Teaching and Student Success:
ACUE Makes the Link

Fall 2017’s cover story of Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning examines how the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) partners with colleges and universities across the country to credential faculty members in evidence-based teaching practices that keep students engaged, enrolled, and learning.

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Elmira Mangum

Higher Education’s Third Pillar: An Introduction

11th President, Florida A&M University; Member, ACUE Board of Advisors

Eduardo Padrón

“If we are to meet the challenges of learning in this time of change, teaching must be central to our success.”

President, Miami Dade College; Member, ACUE Board of Advisors

Molly Corbett Broad

“What should every educator know about and be able to do to be a successful instructor?”

President Emerita, American Council on Education; Member, ACUE Board of Advisors

Linda Nilson

“ACUE’s online course, rich with videos embedded in a smart learning design, can reach everyone.”

Founding Director, Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, Clemson University

Catherine Haras

“Effective teaching is critical to our students’ success, especially for our many first-generation learners.”

Senior Director of the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning, California State University, Los Angeles

Daniel Julius

“…the loss of a student is greater than the return that follows from equipping our faculty.”

Senior Vice President and Provost, New Jersey City University

Kevin P. Reilly

“How can trustees, system leaders, and policy makers make instructional quality a priority?”

President Emeritus, University of Wisconsin System; Member, ACUE Board of Advisors

Aaron North

“The quality of instruction matters just as much when students are age 19 or 20 (or older) as it does when they are 18 or 17 (and younger).”

Vice President, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Mary E. Brown

“ACUE’s course is not just for new faculty and adjuncts. Everyone can benefit from this course as I did.”

Professor, Southern Connecticut State University

Amy Chasteen Miller

“We are bridging the gap between the faculty and our students and seeing the dramatic payoff in both student success and faculty satisfaction.”

Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Southern Mississippi

Bonita Veysey

“We’ve written ACUE into our strategic plan and intend to credential 70% of faculty in the next few years.”

Vice Chancellor for Planning and Implementation, Rutgers University–Newark

Loretta Lloyd-Ebron

“…class came alive. We were talking, discussing, writing… I’ve never been so prepared.”

Student, Housatonic Community College

Deborah Hecht

“Ninety-five percent of participating faculty would recommend ACUE’s course to colleagues.”

Director and Senior Research Scientist, Center for Advanced Study in Education (CASE), CUNY Graduate Center

José Bowen

“Through ACUE, we can prepare our faculty with their ‘degree’ in pedagogy. It can be the nation’s teaching center and help us change lives.”

President, Goucher College


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