"This semester ACUE has really challenged me to grow in my teaching."

Dr. Cindy Blackwell
University of Southern Mississippi


"This is an excellent resource for all faculty."

Miami Dade University


"I’ve made small adjustments to the classes I was teaching while going through the course, but am planning major revisions in my spring classes."

Dr. Ann Blankenship
University of Southern Mississippi


"I can manage to keep pace with each module and still complete everything on my extremely busy daily schedule."

California State University, Los Angeles


"Not only do I think that I have learned invaluable methods to take to the classroom, but I have also benefitted greatly from learning how to best connect with students."

Dr. Katie Smith
University of Southern Mississippi


"I’ve been teaching for a long time, but never had any pedagogical instruction. The format for reflection and discussion was extremely informative and inspiring."

Long Island University


"This was excellent training and very valuable!"

Dwight E.
Miami Dade College


"I gained so much from these modules."

Dr. Melissa Ziegler
University of Southern Mississippi


"With each module I said to myself, ‘This is the most useful one so far,’ and then the next week I said the same thing again."

Adam S.
Rutgers University-Newark



Prepare and credential faculty in the essential teaching practices

ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices prepares instructional faculty to implement all of the teaching practices defined in ACUE’s research-based Effective Practice Framework.

The Course includes 25 online modules across five comprehensive areas of study from the Framework. Consisting of over 180 instructional videos, the Course showcases exemplary teaching on campuses nationwide and features interviews with leading experts in college instruction.

Tour a Course Module

ACUE’s online Course is organized into hour-long learning modules designed around the latest research in cognition and adult learning. Below are examples of the standard components in every ACUE module.

The Effective Practice Framework

ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework has been endorsed by the American Council on Education as a leading statement of the skills and knowledge that college educators should possess. ACUE’s Course addresses all of the specific topics in the Framework’s five domains.

1 Designing an Effective Course and Class

Modules in this unit present techniques for redesigning courses, syllabi, and class session plans to better meet student outcomes and student needs.

2 Establishing a Productive Learning Environment

Modules in this unit present techniques for embracing diversity, helping students persist, and connecting with students to help instructors create the kind of classroom environment that best supports learning.

3 Using Active Learning Techniques

We know students learn more when they are actively engaged in their learning. Modules in this unit feature active learning techniques for large and smaller classrooms as well as techniques for planning and facilitating engaging classroom discussions.

4 Promoting Higher Order Thinking

Modules in this unit present techniques for using formative and summative assessment to inform instruction and promote student learning.

5 Assessing to Inform Instruction and Promote Learning

Modules in this unit present techniques to develop, administer, and grade assessments and detail how to prepare your students for exams without "teaching to the test."