Bonni Stachowiak

Announcing ACUE and Teaching in Higher Ed’s Collaboration

Bonni Stachowiak -acue.orgWe couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our collaboration with Dr. Bonni Stachowiak and the Teaching in Higher Ed (TiHE) podcast. Welcome, Bonni! Great discussion is the mainstay of learning, and Bonni is one of the best conversationalists we know. As creator and host of TiHE, her 174 episodes (and counting!) share insights through informative and fun interviews with leading experts, including ACUE’s own chief academic officer, Penny MacCormack. More and more people are tuning into podcasts for news, information, and entertainment. It’s another way we can expand the national conversation about the importance of effective college teaching.

When we discovered how many former Teaching in Higher Ed guests had also been featured in ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices, we knew that our beliefs about great teaching were in alignment,” Bonni said. “Since those early conversations, ACUE has introduced me to even more phenomenal educators. I am excited about the ways we will be able work together to allow for more high quality learning experiences in higher education.”

As part of ACUE and TiHE’s new collaboration, we’ll be blogging about popular conversations, hosting expert Q&As, and adding sights to the sounds with video excerpts from ACUE’s course library. ACUE members and podcast fans alike can look forward to these free resources as part of ACUE’s upcoming Expert Dive series.

If you’re new to the TiHE podcast, check out our top 10 recommended episodes with a number of experts whose work is explored in detail in ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices.

#1 Teaching Lessons from the Road with Penny MacCormack, ACUE

#2 Motivating Students in Large Classes with Brenda Gunderson, a senior lecturer at the University of Michigan, whose practices to engage and motivate students are featured in multiple ACUE modules, such as Using Active Learning Techniques in Large Classes, and on ACUE’s community site, where you can see exclusive footage of Dr. Gunderson doing a cartwheel during class

#3 Teaching Naked Techniques with José Bowen, president of Goucher College; ACUE subject matter expert for the modules Engaging Underprepared Students, Embracing Diversity in Your Classroom, and Using Student Achievement and Feedback to Improve Your Teaching; and an ACUE community site contributor

#4 Teach Students How to Learn with Saundra McGuire, author of Teach Students How to Learn, who shares strategies in ACUE’s course for supporting unprepared students

#5 Engage the Heart and Mind Through the Connected Classroom with Ken Bauer from the Tecnológico de Monterrey

#6 Radical Hope – A Teaching Manifesto with Kevin Gannon, regular contributor to the Teaching United States History blog

#7 Engaging Learners with TEDx Speaker and Professor of English Gardner Campbell

#8 Small Teaching with James Lang, author of Small Teaching

#9 The Skillful Teacher with our friend Stephen Brookfield, featured in numerous ACUE modules, including Planning an Effective Class Session, Delivering an Effective Lecture, and Developing Self-Directed Learners, and on the community with advice on teaching from the back row

#10 Flipped Out with Derek Bruff, who discusses using concept maps and other visualization tools in ACUE’s course

Learning in Lectures

News Roundup: Learning in Lectures

Two professors describe ways instructors can promote students’ learning in lectures, and award-winning faculty weigh in on what good teaching looks like.

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Capturing Students’ Attention in Lectures
Christine Harrington and Todd Zakrajsek suggest ways to help students avoid distractions and focus on learning during lectures, such as explaining the negative effects of multitasking, pointing out the big ideas within a lesson, and using a 90-second exercise to draw students in. (Inside Higher Ed)

Video: What Does Good University Teaching Look Like?
In this video, top instructors weigh in on the components of effective teaching. Responses include demonstrating enthusiasm for the material, partnering with students, and being flexible with lesson plans. (Times Higher Education)

Making the Invisible Visible
Two instructors describe their approaches for teaching students to grapple with diversity and develop critical thinking skills and empathy. Katharine Covino asks students to connect children’s literature with current and personal events, and Kisha Tracy looks at the biases in history in her medieval literature courses. (Digital Pedagogy Lab)

Teaching With the News
Conversations on current events foster critical thinking and analytical skills, Michael Harris writes. He advocates a method he calls “In the News,” in which instructors cold-call on students to describe a news item or current event, providing fodder for class discussions and showing how course content is relevant to current issues. (Higher Ed Professor)

The Life-Shaping Power of Higher Education
Reflecting on how the landscape of academia has transformed, Marvin Krislov emphasizes the importance of higher education, explaining how college can shape students into innovative thinkers and lifelong learners, preparing them to succeed in multiple careers. (Inside Higher Ed)

Partner News

University of North Carolina: UNC innovation office promotes student, faculty entrepreneurship (Education Dive)

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities: Proposal Opens CSCU Classes to Students Affected by Hurricane Maria (NBC)