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Video: Professor Goes ‘Viral’ With Help From Snoop Dogg

Last month, Professor Benny Ng was looking for material to welcome his new students to Chem 60 at Los Angeles Pierce College. Ng had recently started ACUE’s course in Effective Online Teaching Practices and completed the first module, Welcoming Student to Online Learning. He wanted to create a lighthearted welcome video to assuage his students’ fears about online learning—and encourage them to read the syllabus. That’s when he stumbled upon a short video of Snoop Dogg circulating on social media.

Utah State Faculty Come Together to Promote Student Success

One passionate professor’s commitment to his or her students has the ability to change lives. But when you have a large group of educators with that same desire? That has the potential to drive meaningful change at scale. This mindset is how Utah State University (USU)’s faculty have approached recent challenges and come out on the other side even stronger than before. For several years, Dr. Travis Thurston, assistant director of USU’s Office of Empowering Teaching Excellence (ETE), has been

The Bottom Line: Helping Students to Thrive

Shauntae Brown White, Ph.D., ACUE-credentialed associate professor in the Department of Mass Communication at North Carolina Central University, cultivates a supportive and inclusive learning environment for her students—in the physical and virtual classrooms.

Building Teacher-Student Connections

As Salt Lake Community College professors Melissa Hardy, Emmanuel Santa-Martinez and Dalia Salloum determined the best way to adapt their coursework this spring to best serve their students, they committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure student success—including showing their own vulnerability and humanness.

OERs Help Cal State LA Close the Equity Gap, Promote Student Success

This spring semester, the precalculus team in the math department at Cal State LA drew on their expertise and a powerful combination of partnerships to help students to excel, even in uncertain times. The school has worked with ACUE for several years to equip educators with effective teaching practices. And, Cal State LA uses Open Education Resources (OERs) like OpenStax to reach more students.

Reaching out to Struggling Students, Virtually

Viviana Pezzullo, graduate teaching assistant and PhD candidate at Florida Atlantic University, relies on simplicity and human connection to reach her students during the transition to virtual instruction. Viviana Pezzullo, a graduate teaching assistant at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), started the spring 2020 semester excited for the opportunity to teach an Introduction to World Literature course. “Teaching literature is what I really love,” says Pezzullo. “It’s what I want to do at the end of this, after all.” When Pezzullo, who

Getting Creative with Biology

Classroom instruction is challenging enough to transition to remote learning. But how can you recreate a virtual science lab? That’s the concern that first came to mind for Idelisa Ayala, an associate professor at Broward College, when she first learned her college would transfer to a virtual learning environment in light of concerns over COVID-19. “If I can be honest, my first instinct was complete panic,” Ayala explains. “I wasn’t worried about my lectures since I already use online components. My main

One Shining Moment: Resilient Faculty

The work of faculty and students—teaching and learning together—is the very essence of higher education. With dorms now vacant, stadiums and courts silent, libraries and parking lots empty, teaching and learning continues. In the coming weeks, we’re honored to share stories of your colleagues nationwide, the #ResilientFaculty who are making an impact on higher education, and most notably students, that will far outlast this current crisis. We kick off this series with our own version of “One Shining Moment,” the annual video

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