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Study Series

Empowering Educators, Propelling Student Success: Transform Your Course Experience by Mastering AI

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The AI Quick Study Series features a collection of high-quality Quick Study courses that equip educators with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to efficiently utilize AI.

This series will help institutions scale their faculty development efforts and ensure faculty feel confident and prepared to use AI to support teaching and learning.

ACUE continues to explore the ways in which AI can enhance learning. We are committed to showcasing learning experiences that provide insight into how you might incorporate AI into your own work. In ACUE’s AI Quick Study series, the mentor bot was generated using AI. The overall concept, script, and editing were completed by ACUE’s content team.

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Quick Study Courses and Learning Objectives

ACUE’s AI series features Quick Study courses, which are one-hour, self-paced, interactive learning experiences.

With these courses, you will explore the context and terminology of AI, recognize challenges associated with using AI in education, and identify the benefits of leveraging AI in education. 

Create effective AI prompts to generate desired outputs:

    Write and refine prompts to create desired outputs 
    Apply effective prompting to create a course announcement

Use AI to create course resources:

    Create instructional materials
    Generate course resources to support student learning  

Provide AI-inclusive and AI-resistant learning experiences:

    Create tasks that leverage GenAI
    Create tasks that are GenAI resistant

Develop students’ understanding and responsible use of AI:  

    Set clear expectations about students’ use of AI (e.g., syllabus statement, community agreements) 
     Teach students how to create effective prompts and evaluate output
    Teach students how to use AI to support their learning  

Individual Faculty Purchase

Click here to explore our AI Quick Study Series course catalog.

Each Quick Study Course includes:

Learning content developed in collaboration with subject matter experts

Well-defined learning objectives with aligned activities

Implementation videos showcasing best practices

Downloadable implementation guides

Industry Voices

GenAI in Higher Education