A Conversation on Student Success: Creating Value Through Instructional Excellence and Career Guidance

This video features guest Dr. Kathryn Morris, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs at Butler University.

Dr. Morris spoke with the American Council on Education’s Assistant Vice President of Professional Learning Sherri Hughes about creating value through instructional excellence and career readiness at Butler.

Dr. Morris discusses Butler’s experience in the CIC Consortium for Instructional Excellence and Career Guidance and shares findings of faculty and student impact. Through this collaboration between the Council of Independent Colleges and ACUE, funded by the Strada Education Network, nearly 500 faculty members at 26 institutions, including Butler, continued to elevate the student experience by embedding evidence-based teaching practices, career guidance, and skill development into their courses. The result is a more valuable experience for students.

“If you look at the traditional measures of student success, things like retention rate and graduation rate, we do very well and we’re higher than the national averages both for our students overall and for students and each various demographic group,” said Morris.

But we want to do better. And we know that there are certain subgroups of students who don’t perform quite as well as the rest of the student body as a whole. We feel obliged to make sure that we’re doing everything possible to have all of our students have as much success as they can.”

This series offers an informal opportunity to learn from a range of leaders and experts on timely topics relevant to students’ success. A Conversation on Student Success is collaboratively produced by ACE and ACUE. 

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In this first clip, Dr. Morris introduces Butler and the university’s commitment to student success.

In this second clip, Dr Morris shares a story about a faculty member’s experience with the ACUE Effective Teaching Practices course.

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