A message to our ACUE Community

Dear colleagues,

We teach because we believe in the power of education to transform lives. But the events of the past week leave us doubtful. The barriers of racial, economic, political, and medical inequality feel nearly insurmountable, the challenges too great.

Yet as educators we also know, perhaps better than most, that transformation is possible. We live this positive change together with our students, as they learn and discover and go on to lead fulfilling, contributing lives. These are the hopeful stories which we have the honor to help write.

Thank you for the work you do every day. We know how challenging it is and will be in the coming months. Thank you for the opportunity to support this work. ACUE is dedicated to developing the inclusive and respectful classes that every student needs to learn, and that model the communities and country in which we seek to live. We’re so proud of the work ACUE-credentialed faculty do to support students and promote equity.

We are committed to supporting our partners, faculty and students in finding a better way forward, together.

Susan Cates, Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Gyurko, President and Co-Founder

Penny MacCormack, Chief Academic Officer

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