ACUE Concludes Week of Filming at CCNY

ACUE concluded a busy week of filming at the City College of New York on Friday, capturing classroom scenes on note-taking and developing self-directed learners.

The film will be used to showcase examples of real professors demonstrating effective and developing practices for ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices. Each module of ACUE’s course is video-intensive, allowing faculty members to see, analyze, and implement techniques.

Friday’s professor was Robert Onorato, an instructor at Fordham University and the College of Westchester. Onorato showcased teaching practices for ACUE’s Teaching Powerful Note-Taking and Developing Self-Directed Learners modules.

Earlier this week, ACUE filmed scenes for a module on facilitating effective discussions and interviewed Dr. Stephen Brookfield, a teaching expert from the University of St. Thomas (MN).

Check out photos from Friday’s shoot on ACUE Community’s Facebook page.

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