Back to Class: Growth Mindset

“Back to Class” means something different during a global pandemic. New face masks, hand sanitizer, laptops and headphones fill online shopping carts, and thousands of educators nationwide are welcoming their students through a screen instead of in a classroom.

Nevertheless, faculty are as dedicated as ever to the success of their students. In a series of “Back to Class” posts, I’m sharing some resources that faculty can use with their students—whether in a classroom or a virtual learning environment—to support deeper engagement and learning.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset ResourceDr. Carol Dweck and her colleagues are credited with studying the impact of having a “growth mindset.” In short, students who are able to view setbacks and failures as opportunities for growth actually develop their brains to become smarter and more resilient, leading to higher levels of achievement. The alternative is known as having a “fixed mindset.”

To talk with your students about the importance of a growth mindset, download this ACUE Student Resource: Growth Mindset.

The video below features ACUE faculty expert José Antonio Bowen, PhD, discussing the positive impact of having a growth mindset. Have a great class!

Laurie Pendleton, Executive Director of Curriculum and Assessment, ACUE

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