Broward College Holds Pinning Ceremony for ACUE-Credentialed Faculty

“You can teach an old dog new tricks,” Dr. Debra Renna, who completed ACUE’s course in the foundations of effective instruction, said at a Broward College celebration of teaching excellence last week.

Broward College honored its newly ACUE-credentialed faculty members at a pinning ceremony, where they also acknowledged recipients of the “Professor of the Year” awards, including an ACUE course facilitator, Dr. Billy Jones, and two ACUE-credentialed faculty members, Dr. John Donovan and Benjamin Botero.

Six deans and associate deans, some who completed the course in cohorts with their faculty, also attended and voiced their support for the program. As part of the ceremony, participants had the opportunity to reflect on the new teaching strategies they learned about and implemented successfully. Following the event, credentialed faculty shared additional overarching reflections about the program with us:

• “The material in the class is extremely interesting and has made me try new ideas in teaching and think about things in different ways. I am very happy to be part of this class. I have been teaching at the college level at other schools for over 20 years and I initially thought I would get a limited return on my time investment with this class and I was completely wrong.”

• “I feel that the program has brought many areas of interest to my attention, which I may have been overlooking or taking for granted. This has helped me fine tune my pedagogy as far as incorporating new strategies and making adjustments to existing ones.”

• “As I recognize the importance of life-long learning and am always striving for excellence, I am grateful for having had this opportunity to continue to improve the classroom experiences for my students.”

Congratulations to our members at Broward College!

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