CCCAOE 2021: Success for Every Student Through Effective Teaching

What’s something that made you smile recently? If you’re like faculty who took part in ACUE’s panel discussion from the California Community College Association for Occupational Education (CCCAOE) Conference, it could be the sun, cats, flowers, or maybe even a delicious donut.

This Brain Warm-Up, which kicked off the event, is just one activity ACUE-certified faculty Mari Morris Mas, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Hollie Fortkamp, Chef Instructor, both at Santa Rosa Junior College, facilitated. ACUE’s Martha Bless also offered an overview of the program. 

The Brain Warm-Up, Fortkamp said, is a “fun moment to take a pause and reflect on something that makes you smile,” as well as a chance to connect with and learn from one another. “It creates cohesive togetherness.”

The presenters also facilitated breakout discussions about challenges faculty are currently facing, along with commentary about the nature of inclusive teaching.

“It’s the what and the why,” Bless said. “It brings a layer of intentionality to [your effective teaching practices].”

Meanwhile, Morris Mas emphasized the importance of encouraging students to engage. “They’re not going to feel that open door unless you open that door first by asking specific questions,” she said. 

Watch the video for the full conversation:

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