On the ACUE Film Set: Facilitating Effective Discussions

The Q caught an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse of today’s film shoot for ACUE’s Facilitating Effective Discussions module. Check out the photos below:

The film set was a classroom at the City College of New York, a public college that’s part of the City University of New York system. Paulette Oke, a composition and literature professor at CUNY’s Baruch College and the Borough of Manhattan Community College, played the leading role.

The scene was Professor Oke and her students seated in a circle at the center of the classroom. The props: an essay by James Baldwin and one by Amy Tan.

Professor Oke was tapped to showcase a range of instructional techniques used to facilitate class discussions. Recent brain and education research has found that students are most likely to be learning and developing thinking skills when they verbally interact with course material, the professor, and their classmates.

ACUE’s content experts and film crew were carefully staged outside the circle, watching the scene unfold. Clips from the shoot will soon be integrated into ACUE’s module on Facilitating Effective Discussions so that course-takers can observe and analyze the scene.

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