News Roundup: Encouraging Innovation in the Classroom

Continuing the conversation surrounding instructors’ fear of introducing new, evidence-based teaching methods, Lauren Herckis, the anthropologist behind the study, encourages the higher education community to recognize and address the barriers that might prevent innovation in the classroom.

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Fear Itself
Expanding the conversation surrounding her research, Lauren Herckis stresses that faculty want to teach well. She advises the higher education community to continue researching roadblocks that might prevent meaningful innovation to better support faculty in their instruction. (e-Literate)

ICYMI: The Power of Risk-Taking
Christine Harrington describes the importance of using research-based teaching methods in the classroom and explains how faculty can incorporate them into their instruction. (The Q Blog)

Three Big Ways Today’s College Students Are Different
New data that indicate members of the current generation of college students are significantly different from those of just a decade ago provide insight into how colleges and universities can plan for student needs in the future. (eCampus News)

The Consequences of Never Being Wrong
Instructors should create safe spaces for students to make mistakes, Jeff Cain writes. Treating wrong answers with respect and initiating activities that teach students without impacting grades can improve their progress and increase their willingness to take chances. (Pulses)

How Much Time Should You Spend Teaching?
Teaching rewards the time you give it, David Gooblar advises. He suggests that faculty give their instruction the “right” kind of attention by creating goals for students and devoting the time it takes to meet them. The same model—making time to engage with course material—works for students. (Pedagogy Unbound)

In Praise of Those Who Taught Us Well
Reflecting on what made her favorite professor so inspiring, Margaret Andrews celebrates the instructors whose real-life lessons stay with students long after they graduate. (StradEDgy)

It’s in the Syllabus
Sara Fulmer offers strategies and resources for creating a learner-centered syllabus that students may actually use. (The Learning Scientists)

Partner News

American Council on Education: Ted Mitchell Named President of ACE (ACE)

California State University, Los Angeles: Cal State LA receives national grant to drive student success (Cal State LA)

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities: Connecticut public colleges extend in-state tuition to border students (The Hour)

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