News Roundup: On Teaching Growth Mindset and Scaling CTLs

Don’t miss a new op-ed about centers for teaching and learning. Plus, insights for making your class a comfortable place for students to take risks and a “jigsaw” activity to spur participation.

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Scaling CTLs. Centers for teaching and learning are “vital” to expanding effective teaching practices and student success in higher education, American Council on Education President Molly Broad writes in a new op-ed. (The ‘Q’ Blog)

Getting to know you. Peter Newbury shares a “jigsaw” activity to help students from a range of backgrounds and experiences feel comfortable contributing at the start of a semester. (Science Edventures)

Uncomfortable, but not afraid.John Warner argues that in order for students to feel brave enough to take the “uncomfortable” risks necessary for learning, they first must feel secure in your classroom. (Inside Higher Ed)

Cold calling.  Learn why cold calling can encourage students to come to class more prepared and participate more frequently (and feel more comfortable doing so). (Vitae)

Growth mindset. According to new research, teaching first-year college-goers that intelligence can grow through hard work has a transformative impact on their ability to persist. (New York Times)

Stenography or notes? Why one professor switched sides in the debate about laptops in the classroom—and some research that backs it up. (Inside Higher Ed)

Campus Awards. Ten universities have been given the “Excellence in Assessment” designation for their work using student learning data to improve teaching practices and curriculum. (Inside Higher Ed)

Measuring success. Peter McPherson, President of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities and President Emeritus of Michigan State University, outlines a case for measuring success not by how many students attend college, but by the number we help to graduate. (Los Angeles Times)

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