News Roundup: Keeping Students Motivated

This week’s news headlines unpack the significance of a new survey about student loneliness on campus and explore ways to keep students motivated well beyond their first year.

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The Motivation Cliff

For first-year students, academic motivation often peaks early. Descriptive feedback and intrinsic carrots are a couple ways to keep the drive alive for all students. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

A Thread About Our Students

Characterizing the incoming class of first-year students as a cultural monolith made up entirely of “digital natives” or “millennials” is potentially damaging, Kevin Seeber writes. (Inside Higher Ed)

The Future of Educational Technology

In the finale of a summer-long podcast series about education technology, Michael Feldstein emphasizes that technology should be used to support effective pedagogy and offers some criteria to evaluate new products. (Teach Better)

The Real Campus Scourge
An American College Health Association survey of 28,000 students at 51 colleges revealed that more than 60 percent report feeling “very lonely” in the past 12 months. Experts say more candid conversations about the transition to college are needed, writes Frank Bruni. (New York Times)

Design Learning Outcomes to Change the World
To be successful, learners must understand how given knowledge will help them reach their goals. Cathy Davidson shares how she designs learning outcomes with students in mind. (Inside Higher Ed)

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