News Roundup: Motivating All Students and Engaging Learning

This week: Why boards need to understand effective teaching and the misconceptions we have about our traditional grading system.

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Kevin Reilly, President Emeritus and Regent Professor at the University of Wisconsin System and founding member of ACUE’s board of advisors, shares why boards need to understand effective teaching so they can be a force for good on campus. (Trusteeship Magazine)

A professor argues that in order to improve retention, universities should focus on motivating students to persist. (Inside Higher Ed)

Colleges and universities need to be better equipped to accommodate older students, experts say, as nearly half of all students enrolled today can be categorized as “nontraditional.” (NPR Ed)

Highlighting the link between innovation and liberal arts, an editorial board makes the case that the importance of STEM education cannot be elevated at the cost of the humanities. (Scientific American)

Get practical tips for helping students understand how to take better notes and why they should be taking notes in the first place. (ProfHacker)

Federal funding is spurring the expansion of apprenticeship programs in the United States, including at 260 community colleges that are now committed to giving students credit for participating. (Hechinger Report)

Get a closer look at how colleges and universities are redesigning lecture halls to better accommodate active learning in large classes. (University Business)

The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education have paired up to publish their list of the top US colleges. The new ranking system puts less emphasis on student inputs and more emphasis on students’ postgraduate success and opinions about the quality of their education. (Wall Street Journal)

New data from predictive analytics are sparking conversations at several universities about how curricular policy should respond to findings about student grades and completion. (Inside Higher Ed)

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