News Roundup: Listening to Students, Promoting Faculty Morale

This week, one instructor reveals what she learned when she asked her students to be candid, and higher education leaders describe a program they implemented for promoting faculty morale.

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“Don’t Take Our Failures Personally”
When Nicole Matos asked her students what they wanted their instructors to understand about their learning, they advised her to allow them to show emotions in class, offer multiple chances to succeed, and not take students’ struggles personally. (Vitae)

6 Design Principles for Educational “Escape Rooms”
Escape Rooms, which involve finding clues and solving puzzles, can be innovative learning tools if they align to clear learning outcomes and adhere to sound pedagogical approaches, writes Jeff Cain. (From Mind to Keyboard)

Toward a Culture of Self-Care
Shari Tarver Behring, Carolyn Jeffries, and Michael Spagna describe how California State University, Northridge, created a self-care program for faculty that they report yields more engaged employees, promotes higher morale, inspires innovative research, and offers valuable role models. (Inside Higher Ed)

From ORID to ORIT: Focused Conversations in the Classroom
Jen Allan uses a method she calls ORIT (Objective, Reflective, Interpretive, and Takeaways) to facilitate conversations about difficult topics in the classroom. The structure allows students to acknowledge their feelings and hones their critical thinking skills, she writes. (The Global Lorax)

Not All PhD Supervisors Are Natural Mentors—Some Need Training
Recalling a personal experience with an unsupportive supervisor, a PhD candidate suggests that faculty receive training in constructive criticism and how to encourage students to persist. (The Guardian)

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