News Roundup: Reflections on Teaching Careers

This week, instructors reflect on their burgeoning and ending teaching careers. Plus, ways to help students recover from failures.

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Not Just Cash Cows
Colleges should invest in educating professors on how to help international students acclimate to new cultures and improve the internationalization process, Rick Turner writes. (Inside Higher Ed)

My “Last” Class
A longtime writing instructor reflects on his “accidental” teaching career. (Just Visiting)

Education Technology Expert on Teaching the Next Generation
An educator who is tasked with teaching future teachers describes the technological techniques she believes will advance learning. (EdTech)

Professors Are Hired to Teach, but Few Are Ever Taught How
A recurring theme at the recent AACC meeting was the importance of providing professional development in effective teaching practices for faculty, which would ultimately improve student retention and lead to increased revenue. (Education Dive)

A Journey Towards Online Teaching and Learning
After some reluctance, Tracy Smith developed a hybrid course and found that using a different delivery method helped her improve and expand her teaching methods.  (The Scholarly Teacher)

Lessons from Year 1 on the Faculty
An instructor describes what he learned from his first year of full-time teaching, including the need for communication and resilience and the importance of a work-life balance. (Vitae)

Creative Ways to Help Students Recover From Failure
Helping students recover from academic failure not only encourages them to grow as individuals, but also strengthens colleges by building and expanding student support programs. (The Chronicle of Higher Education – Paywall)

Want Happier Professors? Try Being Nice
A survey of newly-tenured faculty shows that cultivating a supportive, caring environment may play a greater role in retaining instructors than focusing on broad, expensive organizational efforts. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Why College Presidents Are Becoming More Like Corporate CEOs
The role of college presidents is changing to encompass increased involvement with learning, technology, and student affairs, and many institutions are looking outside of academia or to nontraditional pathways within academia to fill the position. (The Washington Post)

Using Facebook Live in Higher Ed Teaching
Bonni Stachowiak shares lessons from her experience conducting poster sessions through Facebook Live, including the value of selecting a student host and using helpful tech accessories. (Teaching in Higher Ed)

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