News Roundup: Sharing Stories, Foundational Skills

This week, ideas for providing students with forums to make their voices heard and addressing the work force skills gap by teaching foundational skills in college.

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Sharing Their Stories
In response to a student’s question about how to create a safe atmosphere for discussing controversial issues online, Bonni Stachowiak stresses the importance of prompting these dialogues, trusting and respecting students, and sharing their stories to make their voices heard. (Teaching in Higher Ed)

The Midsemester Course Correction
“Rigidity keeps us from giving every student—no matter their limitations—a chance to succeed,” writes David Gooblar. He urges faculty to be flexible with their courses, adapt to different situations, and use student data and input to alter plans when the need arises. (Vitae)

Getting Students Back and on Track
An emerging trend among colleges is reinstatement programs that give dismissed students a second chance. For example, at Eastern Illinois University, faculty help reinstated students with study skills, time management, goal setting, motivation and self-responsibility, and campus involvement. (University Business)

Solving the Work Force’s Skills Gap
Kimberly Cassidy and Gina Siesing encourage higher education institutions to address the work force’s skills gap by emphasizing foundational skills—critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and in particular, digital fluency—across all curricula, suggesting that these skills lead to long-term success. (Inside Higher Ed)

How One Master Educator Makes Dracula a Must-Take Course
Entertaining students is the key to keeping them engaged, according to Stanley Stepanic. In his popular Dracula course at the University of Virginia, Stepanic uses visuals, including movie posters and film clips, to teach students about human history through the lens of vampire folklore. (EdSurge)

Rethinking Educational Access
Arthur Levine advocates reconceptualizing higher education to provide students with lifelong learning opportunities to address a fast-changing employment landscape and inevitable career disruptions. Education powers an emerging economy, he opines. (Inside Higher Ed)

Partner News

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University of Nevada, Reno: The Upward Bound Programs celebrate 50 years at the University of Nevada, Reno (Nevada Today)

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