News Roundup: Student-centered class participation guidelines

Lessons for higher education from Polaroid’s demise and how to make the most of a class session when you’re being observed.

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Weekly News in brief (March 3)

Let students decide. Allowing students to set the criteria on classroom participation helps raise engagement. (Faculty Focus)

Don’t bet the house on one test. Assessing student readiness with more than one placement exam can improve graduation rates, according to a new report. (Campus Technology)

Meet the transcript of the future. The Comprehensive Student Record Project uses new transcripts and technologies to track what students do in college. (Inside Higher Ed)

Close the time gap from high school graduation to matriculation. Students from Philadelphia’s public schools were significantly more likely to earn their college certificate or degree if they started college right after graduating high school, according to a new study. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Faculty need a seat at the table. Faculty-led reforms may be the best way to improve graduation rates, according to Achieving the Dream. (Inside Higher Ed)

Avoid information overload. Planning out email announcements in advance, when possible, can alleviate “cognitive overload” for students. (Faculty Focus)

On being observed. To improve the odds that an upcoming classroom observation goes well, plan a lesson you’ve successfully taught before, a professor advises. (Chronicle Vitae)

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