News Roundup: Keeping Attention, Soft Skills, and a Textbook Purge

Research-based strategies for keeping students’ attention, and tips to improve your work–life balance with time-management strategies. 

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Attention grabber. Karen Costa offers four strategies, based on brain research, for getting and holding students’ attention. (Inside Higher Ed)
 news, research, and opinions about teaching in higher education. Textbook replacement. In order to lower textbook costs seen as barriers to completion, a consortium will provide $9.8 million for community colleges to develop degree programs based entirely on open educational resources. (University Business)

Consumer report. As more attention focuses on the return on investment from higher education, a variety of tools is emerging to provide information to potential students. (Hechinger Report)

Time management. Gaia Vasiliver-Shamis offers her tips for reducing busyness and improving work–life balance, including keeping lists and taking breaks. (Inside Higher Ed)

Active participant. David Gooblar shares a strategy used by Tony Docan-Morgan, of the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse, for having students share the responsibility of evaluating their class participation. (Vitae)

Forecasting diversity. Matthew Lynch offers his predictions for where the most change will be seen in the diversity landscape of higher education before the next decade. (Diverse Issues in Higher Education)

Soft skills. A new report from the Education Advisory Board touts the value of a liberal arts degree, highlighting that communication and teamwork skills are of increased value in tech hiring. (Education Dive)

Local collaboration. Nine local colleges band together to promote a college-going culture for local K–12 students. (Inside Higher Ed)

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