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AI Policy Guide

Using AI to Get Started

Why AI Policy Matters

In the 2024 Survey of College and University Chief and Academic Officers by Inside Higher Ed (IHE) and Hanover Research, a pressing need emerged for higher education institutions to establish comprehensive Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) policies. Notably, three-quarters of institutions have provided some training on Generative AI to their faculty, yet 92% of faculty and staff are seeking additional training and resources. 

What's Inside the Guide

To address these challenges, our AI Policy Guide offers valuable insights and practical steps. Featuring contributions from ACUE’s Chief Academic Officer, Penny MacCormack, you will learn essential steps to kick off your AI policy effectively.

By downloading this free guide, you will:

Cover of ACUE AI Policy Guide eBook titled 'AI Policy Guide: Using AI to Get Started
  • Understand what you should consider when developing an AI policy
  • Explore the implications of AI for your institution
  • Learn about “AI hallucinations” and how to use AI in your work
  • Discover other resources to support AI policy development

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