Embracing the Future:
ACUE's AI Quick Study Series Unveiled!

Higher education has spent much of the last year learning the risks and rewards of AI to discover how it can best support teaching and learning. With ACUE’s new interactive, self-paced AI Quick Study series, faculty are equipped with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to do just that. 

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Join the ACUE team and Stephanie Speicher, Digital Fluency Faculty in Residence from Weber State University, as they:

This interactive webinar features a panel made up of faculty, students, and ACUE team members who discuss the use of AI in higher education classrooms and the New AI Quick Study series aimed at equipping educators with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to efficiently utilize AI.

The panel explores attitudes and beliefs about AI, as well as challenges and opportunities with using AI in Higher Education courses. They also review the new AI Quick Study course topics and how they support faculty and students’ use of AI in the class and beyond. 

Key Takeaways for Attendees

Understand the need to embrace AI in higher education courses

Dispel common fears and misunderstandings of AI use by faculty and students

Explore the content of the new AI Quick Study series from ACUE

Learn about ACUE’s approach to crafting the new Quick Study courses to best serve faculty and students

Be a part of this groundbreaking event

ACUE, the premier provider of faculty development and the only organization offering a teaching certification endorsed by ACE, is thrilled to introduce four new Quick Study courses designed to empower educators in teaching effectively with AI.