Funding Teaching Excellence:

An Introductory Guide to Securing Title III and Title V Grants

This introductory guide equips administrators, educators, and academic institutions with high-level knowledge and strategies to efficiently begin the process of securing funding through Title III and Title V grants. Leverage the power of grants for initiatives tied to teaching excellence and student success.

Discover How to Efficiently Secure Title III and Title V Grants

Explore our step-by-step guide to learn how to understand your institution’s grant policies, write compelling proposals, and access resources to support your efforts.

Inside the eBook:

Part 1: Foundational Steps for Grant Acquisition

  • Navigate institutional policies and procedures.
  • Align grant proposals with strategic priorities.
  • Understand the intricacies of granting agencies.

Part 2: Crafting a Compelling Proposal

  • Tips for writing an effective proposal narrative and creating a project budget.
  • Review resources and consult experts to refine your proposal.

Part 3: Prioritizing the Right Grant for Your Institution

  • Recognize and target grants that are designed to support under-resourced students.
  • Reference abstracts of awardees from previous years posted by the Department of Education.

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Why Download This eBook?

Gain Expert Knowledge:

Equip yourself with essential strategies to kickstart the grant application process.

Actionable Insights:

From understanding your institution’s grant procedures to crafting a compelling proposal narrative, our eBook has got you covered.

Prioritize Right:

Learn how to select the most relevant grants for your institution’s long-term goals.

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