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Watch The University of Southern Mississippi’s Dr. Shana D. Oates describe how using the fishbowl discussion format increased student participation in her courses. Submit your story for the opportunity to be featured next.

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Photo of a faculty member sitting down for an interview.

The Three Cs of Faculty Well-Being: Connection, Culture, and Competence

“When we’re thinking about the definition of faculty well-being, that is really deeply connected to faculty members’ job satisfaction,” said ACUE’s Chief Data Officer Meghan ...
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Image of Paul LeBlanc speaking at his computer

Navigating the AI Frontier: Disruptions and Opportunities in Higher Education

Curious about the dual role of artificial intelligence as a disrupter and a beneficial tool in higher education? Discover insights from Dr. Paul LeBlanc, President ...
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Podcast cover photo of a woman standing outside with a tree in the background

Starting the Semester Strong: Implementing Syllabus Activities to Engage Your Students

What strategies might you consider to engage your students in actively using your syllabus? On Episode 56 of the Note Doctors podcast, Dr. Amy Hatch, ...
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Woman sitting in an office at her desk wearing a suit jacket

Content Refresher: Liquid Syllabus

Your course syllabus serves as a roadmap for the entire course and outlines expectations, assignments, readings, and due dates. One way to ensure that students ...
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