Designing an Effective College Course

The Effective Practice Framework

Learn how to ensure learner-centered course outcomes, build an inclusive syllabus, and more.

  • 1a: Ensuring Learner-Centered Course Outcomes
  • 1b: Designing Aligned Assessments and Assignments
  • 1c: Aligning Learning Experiences with Course Outcomes
  • 1d: Preparing an Inclusive Syllabus

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The learning environment you build impacts persistence, learning, and chances for student success. Learn how to lead a productive first day, promote a civil learning environment, motivate your students, and much more.

  • 2a: Leading a Productive First Day
  • 2b: Promoting a Civil Learning Environment
  • 2c: Motivating Your Students
  • 2d: Ensuring Equitable Access to Learning
  • 2e: Helping Students Persist in Their Studies
  • 2f: Embracing Diversity in Your Learning Environment

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From group  learning activities, to planning effective discussions – you’ll unlock evidence-based strategies that promote active learning, giving all students the chance to be fully involved in their own education.

  • 3a: Using Groups to Ensure Active Learning
  • 3b: Using the Active Learning Cycle
  • 3c: Developing Effective Class Sessions and Lectures
  • 3d: Planning Effective Discussion
  • 3e: Facilitating Engaging Discussions

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Advanced questioning, powerful note-taking skills, and beyond…Learn the strategies that can deepen learning and enhance every teaching moment.

  • 4a: Providing Clear Directions and Explanations
  • 4b: Using Concept Maps and Other Visualization Tools
  • 4c: Teaching Powerful Note-Taking Skills
  • 4d: Using Advanced Questioning
  • 4e: Developing Self-Directed Learners

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Learn the methods of formative and summative assessment that best promote learning and help you refine your teaching. From equitable grading practices to providing useful feedback – and more.

  • 5a: Developing Equitable Grading Practices
  • 5b: Creating Equity with Checklists and Rubrics
  • 5c: Providing Useful Feedback
  • 5d: Checking for Student Understanding
  • 5e: Using Student Achievement and Feedback to Improve Your Teaching

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