ACUE-credentialed faculty are making a difference.

They’re learning about and implementing the evidence-based practices that improve student engagement, persistence to graduation, and deeper levels of learning.

Recent Impact Stories

Amherst College Invests in Quality Online Learning

To support faculty in its goal to provide a quality online learning experience, Amherst College enrolled 155 faculty —more than half of its entire faculty body—in ACUE’s microcredential course on Promoting Active Learning Online.” Amherst leaders say faculty who completed the course report feeling “more grounded and prepared to teach in this current context.”

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Broward College Closes Equity Gaps

At Broward College, students were more likely to complete and pass their courses when taught by ACUE-credentialed faculty, with the impact being significantly larger on achievement outcomes for Black and Pell-eligible students. The study found a course completion gap was closed for Black students and a gap in passing courses was closed for Pell-eligible students.

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The California State University Scales Faculty Development

Despite massive disruption amid COVID-19, the nation’s largest four-year public university remained committed to student success by delivering quality online instruction. During summer and fall 2020, more than 1,000 faculty across CSU campuses have completed or are enrolled in ACUE courses in effective teaching practices.
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Independent Review

Independent Research Review: “Impressive” Findings

This expert assessment of impact studies published to date found “an impressive body of work,” with a “range, depth, and rigor [that]… reinforces the link between faculty development, teaching improvement, and student learning.” Reviewers noted the variety of settings “provided a diverse laboratory in which to track faculty and student outcomes,” and that “it is much more likely that grades and completion rates went up because [ACUE-credentialed] faculty became better at teaching.”

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ACUE Research Review Findings 2019

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