Implement: Faculty Reflections

“So far I think my students have benefited greatly from the course. I’ve introduced various techniques that have been successful, plus it has encouraged me to think about teaching in new and exciting ways. The best part is that many of these techniques lessen the burden on the teacher and promote active learning and participation on the part of students!”

– Faculty member, University of Missouri


“One of my strong desires this semester has been to enhance student engagement and participation in my classes this semester. This module hit me hard, as it offered me the tools to significantly change the way that I structure the class sessions, and that’s exactly what I did. The results were astounding– nothing short of astounding. Students were totally engaged and had a great deal of fun along the way. And I found that I was able to elicit responses, some incredibly good, from students who had been loath to speak heretofore.”

– Faculty member, Kansas State University, “Facilitating Engaging Class Discussions” module