Let's Change Some Minds

Faculty Mindset Study

After participating in comprehensive faculty development, faculty have significantly higher growth mindset. 

From spring of 2022 to 2023, ACUE’s research team collected data from 10 diverse institutions aimed at two research goals:

Once complete, the research found….. 

Faculty feel more confident:

Faculty report:

And The Positive Outcomes Don't Stop There.

Students taught by ACUE faculty reported improved confidence...

participating in class and attending office hours

managing their coursework and meeting deadlines

Students also reported an improved growth mindset from the beginning to the end of the semester.

Key Study Info

Faculty teaching gateway courses at 10 higher education institutions participated in comprehensive faculty development courses offered by ACUE in Effective Teaching Practices (ETP) and Effective Online Teaching Practices (EOTP) over two semesters. 

Analyses found that ACUE’s comprehensive courses for certification positively influenced faculty self-efficacy and mindsets and suggested that shifts in faculty beliefs can also positively influence students’ own self-efficacy and growth mindsets when taught by ACUE faculty.


1,633 Participants
571 in ACUE group, 1,062 in the comparison group


2,977 Participants of ACUE Faculty

Participating Institutions

“The colleges and universities that participated in our study represent the geographic and demographic diversity of the U.S. higher education landscape. These results, from a variety of institutions, demonstrate that faculty self-efficacy and mindsets improve from high-quality, comprehensive professional development in evidence-based teaching, and we would expect that faculty’s more positive mindsets would result in increased student achievement as well. ACUE will use this enhanced understanding of how confidence and mindset develop alongside teaching practices to deliver even more effective strategies to support faculty growth and foster positive learning environments.”

Meghan Snow, EdD

Chief Data Officer, ACUE

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