News Roundup: Empowerment and Innovation

This week: Reflections and suggestions for assignments, syllabi, and technology in the classroom. Plus, the obstacles and opportunities involved in driving innovation. 

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ACUE is proud to sponsor the 23rd National HBCU Faculty Development Conference in New Orleans where Dr. McGuire will be a keynote speaker. Find out more about Dr. McGuire’s inspirations and scholarship in an exclusive interview for the ACUE Community. (The ‘Q’ Blog)

Christy Wampole reflects on how the syllabus serves as the “interface between the institution, the instructor and the student.” (New York Times)

Melissa Scholes Young explores the experience of first-generation college students and how assigned labels—especially if conflating low-income with first-generation—can hinder rather than help students. (The Atlantic)

Three leaders in higher education weigh in on what traits a successful college president must possess in the 21st century. The most important? Flexibility and sustainability. (Education Dive)

What drives innovation? Steven Mintz, Executive Director of the University of Texas System’s Institute for Transformational Learning, outlines the obstacles that must be overcome for innovation to occur and important elements involved in its success. (Inside Higher Ed)

Sherry Turkle, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, shares her research on how technology has affected teaching and learning and urges instructors and students to “reclaim conversation.” (EdSurge)

Michael Crow, Arizona State University President, examines the impact of student debt on those who haven’t completed a degree and outlines new ways that ASU is working to prevent students from leaving school, as well as reengaging those who already have. (LinkedIn)

Instructors completing the work they have assigned to students can be a quality control measure that also helps them relate to the experience students are having and better guide them toward success. (Vitae)

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