News Roundup: Interactions and Innovations

This week, whether it’s mentorship, group work, free speech, or deep discussions, open communication is a priority in college classrooms across the country.

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At the University of Southern Mississippi, faculty meet for 90 minutes every Friday to discuss teaching strategies as part of ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices. (Hattiesburg American)

Peer mentoring relationships among graduate students can support pedagogical training, write professors Estee Beck and Mariana Grohowski. (Digital Pedagogy Lab)

Group work is most effective when educators prepare students to collaborate in teams and provide ongoing support and feedback throughout a project, according to researchers who examined the practice at two different institutions. (The Scholarly Teacher)

Academics encouraged class discussions and provided other forums for listening in the wake of last week’s surprising Election Day results. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

By applying three key ideas, faculty can effectively use Learner Experience Design to merge human interaction with quality course design, resulting in increased student engagement. (EdSurge)

A lecturer proposes a middle ground between rigidity and flexibility by granting assignment extensions on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing students’ learning over adhering to rules. (Vitae)

Lasell College has taken measures to promote free speech and encourage diverse opinions in discussions while educating both students and faculty about bias and hurtful language. (University Business)

Instructors are searching for forums and structures to facilitate student discussions about sensitive issues. (EdSurge)

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