Refine: ACUE Expert Feedback

“I like your proactive approach on talking about writing as a process (number 2 on your list) BEFORE the papers are due. This paired with some time in class to work, your offer to let them revise, and your all your guidance along the way would make me feel like I could complete the assignment despite it being challenging if I was a student. I hope you have some sensational papers to read by the end.”

– ACUE Expert feedback to Karen B


“I agree that it is important to be sincere and sometimes it can be hard to praise students who are not putting in effort. However, I wonder if there are points or ideas that you can praise and then encourage them to develop them further. This may spark more effort. Your acknowledgement that students have other priorities is true and a challenge. However, even students that don’t have the time to put in based on competing demands appreciate knowing what they are doing right (even if it is something small). Good luck implementing the verbal praise as well.”

– ACUE Expert feedback to Celeste D