News Roundup: Teachable Moments and Collaboration

This week, instructors discuss turning mistakes into teachable moments and collaboration in the classroom.

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Building Classroom Dialogue Using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, a model that categorizes tasks by the complexity of the type of thinking required to complete them, can facilitate meaningful conversations in the classroom, according to Andrew Miller. He explains how using Webb’s model can help instructors scaffold questions, leading students to a deeper understanding of course material. (UConn)

On Failure and Fear in the Classroom
The risk of failure goes hand in hand with a commitment to developing innovative teaching methods, writes Matthew Vickless. Instead of fearing these fumbles, he writes, instructors should turn them into teachable moments. (Center for Teaching Excellence at Central Penn College)

Getting Students Excited About Literature
Collaboration is the cornerstone of John Zubizarreta’s teaching. The English professor uses “reflective learning moments” to push students to consider how they learn and provides online forums for students to share ideas and reflections. (The Chronicle of Higher Education – Paywall)

Yes, You Have Implicit Biases, Too
Everyone has implicit biases, David Gooblar writes, but refusing to acknowledge them prevents instructors from actively working to counter these notions. Instead, Gooblar advocates that faculty consciously make the effort to challenge their own stereotypes and incorporate diverse perspectives into assignments and activities. (Vitae)

Partner News

Gorden Gee, West Virginia University: For higher ed to survive, we’ve got to ‘blow up the box’ (Education Dive)

University of Southern Mississippi: Entrepreneurs Turn to Mississippi Public Universities for Assistance (Southern Miss Now)

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