Jonathan Gyurko, PhD

Headshot of Jonathan Gyurko
President and Co-Founder

For nearly thirty years, Dr. Gyurko has led innovative efforts to create and expand educational opportunities of the highest quality for students at all levels, in the United States and around the world. As Co-founder, Gyurko led development of ACUE’s collegiate teaching standards, the design of ACUE’s online courses of study, and establishment of hundreds of college, university, and system partnerships.

As President, Gyurko maintains major collaborations with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the Council of Independent Colleges, the National Association of System Heads, and other organizations. He has raised over $10 million for strategic initiatives with the Kauffman, Strada, Carnegie, CKF, Gates, and other foundations.

A prolific writer, Gyurko’s articles have been published by numerous outlets including the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Times Higher Education, EdWeek, Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, on, and elsewhere. His new book, Publicization: How Public and Private Interests Can Reinvent Education for the Common Good, will be published by Columbia University Teachers College Press in early 2024. You can reach Jonathan at [email protected].