Megan Dusenbery

Chief Revenue Officer

Megan Dusenbery is Chief Revenue Officer of ACUE. Megan believes education can serve as the great equalizer, and she is passionate about helping educators maximize the potential in their students to get there. She is dedicated to supporting the transformation of higher education institutions in their quest to improve outcomes. As a leader, she is committed to building high-achieving teams with synergy and ambition to drive outcomes and revenue.

Prior to joining the ACUE team, Megan worked for Kaplan for 17 years. She strategically developed her team, and much of Kaplan’s higher education partnership efforts, growing from leading a small team to over 100 in her organization. Much of Megan’s work at Kaplan was dedicated to grant-funded and pipeline program partnerships helping under-represented and first-generation students pursue their education and career goals.

Megan has a B.A. in Communications from Auburn University.