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Mary Brown

I took ACUE’s course more out of curiosity than anything else, to see what “advice” was being given. I felt confident in the techniques I already use and thought it would be nice to confirm that what I already do is research based. But from the start of the program, I learned new techniques and became reacquainted with others that I put back into use. I adapted a Performance Prognosis Inventory to my class. I replaced my usual list of the

José A. Donis

What I expected to learn when I took the ACUE course was simply just incorporate techniques, and get over with the course and get my professional development points, but there was one thing that they implemented in the ACUE course, that we had to respond to other professors. . . . We had to fully understand an entry and not just respond to them and say, “Hey, great ideas. I love it. See you later.” No, we actually had to

Christina Zambrano-Varghese

When I began ACUE, I thought of myself as somebody whose sole job was to deliver knowledge. My only goal was to just give psychology to my students. By the end of ACUE, I thought that my job was to facilitate their learning, so my job was to get each and every student in the classroom to have their own way of understanding material, and that required a lot of different types of teaching and different things in the classroom

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