The University of Southern Mississippi (USM)

Higher Student Retention and Stronger, More Equitable Outcomes Through Quality Teaching

In 2016, The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) began an institution-wide commitment to its faculty, evidence-based teaching, and student success by launching the ACUE Faculty Development Institute. From the start, USM and ACUE worked closely to lead high-quality, large-scale research to evaluate student impact.

Today, more than 200 faculty have participated across USM and—with 1 out of every 4 full-time faculty ACUE-certified—the university is on track to ensure every student benefits from high-quality, evidence-based instruction in every class.

Stronger Achievement in First-Year Gateway Courses

First-year students see increased performance when taking gateway courses with ACUE instructors.

Sustained Improvement

Students who complete a gateway course with an ACUE instructor perform better in their subsequent courses in the discipline.

3% pt lower DFW rates

Higher GPAs by .06 points (on a 4.0 scale)

More Academic Success and Equity Overall

When students complete more courses taught by ACUE instructors, they perform better across all of their courses.