Webinar: Fostering Great Teaching Everywhere

What do you get when you visit SEVEN HUNDRED online and in-person courses at a diverse group or colleges and universities over the course of a week? The first broad-scale, cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional observational research of college teaching in the United States.

Join Corbin Campbell, Principal Investigator of the landmark College Educational Quality study, and ACUE President and Co-founder Jonathan Gyurko as they discuss Campbell’s new book Great College Teaching: Where it Happens and How to Foster it Everywhere.

You will…

  • Learn what Campbell concludes about the quality of college teaching
  • Hear about what is happening in today’s college classes
  • Understand and join in the conversation on the implications of these insights for higher education administrators, policy makers, and public officials
  • Explore how Dr. Campbell improves her own teaching

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